Meet Dr. Kendal Allman-Bailey

“I love to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for my patients. We sometimes forget the importance your oral health on our overall health and daily life, from long-term disease prevention, sleep comfort, daily chewing, and smiling. Dental health can affect all aspects of your life. I love helping patients achieve the overall tools they need to improve their lives through oral health.”

Dr. Kendal Allman-Bailey is passionate about preventive treatments for dental disease and always strives to enhance patient experience when in the dental chair. She enjoys seeing improvements in her patients’ overall physical and mental health when their oral health is improved. It is her greatest joy when patients leave with a better smile!

Education and Experience

Dr. Allman-Bailey attended the University of California, Santa Barbara for her Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology. Little did she know this would lead her on a path to her future career as a dentist!

During one of her courses on infectious diseases, she read a study regarding the causes of death in London in 1800. The one thing that stood out was that dental decay was one of the leading causes of death. That knowledge affected how she looked at the oral health profession and how important dentistry was to everyone.

Dr. Allman-Bailey began her journey to dentistry at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, where she earned her Doctorate in Dental Surgery. She was in the Navy for six years as a dentist in South Carolina and San Diego before entering private practice.

“I have a deep desire to learn the current standards of care and research. Continuing education is vital for updates with patient safety and continued enhancements to dental care technology.”

Continuing Education

Continual learning is core to Dr. Allman-Bailey’s commitment to her patients. By expanding her skills and knowledge, she’s able to care for most patients from start to finish. She has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education with courses in infection control during COVID safety, medical emergencies in the dental setting, oral pathology, aesthetic dentistry, and more.

Outside the Office

Dr. Allman-Bailey currently lives in Gig Harbor with her husband and three children. When she’s not working, she enjoys boating, snow skiing, walking with friends, and spending a lot of time taking her children to all their extra activities. She also volunteers at her children’s school, local church outreach programs, and FISH food bank collections.