What Sets Us Apart

Belief in Our Community

At Defiance Dental Studio, we believe that a strong sense of community not only brings people together, it also lets people know that they have others around them who they can count on. Working and living within the Ruston and North Tacoma area, our staff is dedicated to being the Tacoma dentist our community can rely upon for excellent dental services. We want to be the neighborhood dentist that you’re proud to have in town and we’ll do everything we can to earn the respect of this fantastic community.

We love being a part of this community! In fact, Dr. AJ Sekhon makes his views of living and working within the Ruston community very clear to anyone who can handle his excessive, but valid, praise of his new hometown. “I love this town” is something he exclaims with glee every time he drives through the area. “The gorgeous surrounding scenery around here is the perfect complement to dentistry,” he says.” I can’t think of anything better following a dental procedure than staring out your window or walking around this beautiful place, especially when the weather cooperates,” he adds with a smile.

Could anything be better after a dental procedure besides great views and scenery? “I’m sure eating ice cream or playing with puppies might be up there,” he adds. “But give the five-mile drive at Point Defiance a spin after getting your teeth cleaned; it’s tremendously serene!” Can’t really argue with that!

Offering the Latest in Materials, Methods, and Technology

We have the advantage of being a brand-new start-up dental practice that truly offers the newest and greatest dental materials and tools. We offer you state-of-the-art dentistry in a comfortable studio setting.

“I’ve worked at and seen other practices that use dental equipment that’s, sorry for the terrible pun, ‘long in the tooth.’ Dentistry can be expensive not only for the patient but also for the dentists, since buying the latest materials and equipment can cost both an arm and a leg, and possibly afoot. So, I understand how some practices have to use older equipment and possibly cheaper materials. I get that as a business owner since you can’t eat the overhead you need to maximize what you have. However, I do believe that in order to offer the best in dental services, using the newest techniques, you have to have materials that are highly regarded in dental circles, as well as equipment that is reliable and efficient. Dentistry relies very heavily on the clinician’s skills, no doubt, but it’s the materials and equipment that make it easier to have great results that last, while also making the patients’ experience more efficient and predictable. We will always improve our practice in regards to materials and equipment. I can promise, and guarantee, that we’ll do everything we can to improve our results and make our patients feel safe and comfortable.”

“The best people you’ll ever meet!!”

 Dr. Sekhon’s words, not ours! He jokes, a lot, but he explains himself as follows:

“We like to joke around and lighten the mood as much as possible. Dentistry can be a pretty dry field, and as such, it is prone to being pretty straightforward without a lot of true human interaction. Most offices follow their template pretty well, and I believe a lot have their own cultures where patients feel a part of their practice family. Offering our patients excellent dental skills, with great customer service is something we’re proud of, but it’s the relationships we make with our patients that really makes our day.”

You’ll like us, you really will!

Most offices also follow great protocol in getting a patient numb by lowering their anxiety in a number of ways, such as through mild sedation techniques like nitrous oxide or by offering a gentle touch with a comforting environment. We offer all of these things to our patients, but we also do things a little differently as well. We have a small office, in comparison to a typical dental office, so we want our patients to feel like they’re part of our family and that they’re receiving the same care that we’d give to our actual family members and friends. We don’t want an atmosphere here where a patient comes in, gets work done, or has a checkup and then leaves without saying a word because they feel like they’re just a number. We want everyone who comes inside our office to be themselves, feel free to talk to us, joke around, or tell us what’s going on in their life, whether it’s lighthearted or serious.

Dentistry is a field that is predicated on trust. And we hope to earn that trust by being honest and treating you with the utmost integrity and respect. What you see on our Facebook page or on our website is what you’ll find when you walk through our door. Please feel free to talk to us about anything. “I for one will talk about rock or metal music with anyone who brings up an argument about who the better singer is: Bruce Dickenson or Rob Halford. We’re everyday regular people, who happen to be dentists. We want Defiance Dental Studio to be a welcoming place for our patients, who can also find top-notch dental care, right here in their neighborhood.”

We are your neighbors; we live here, so we are super flexible!

Both Dr. Ajaipal (AJ) Sekhon and Dr. Kendal Allman-Bailey reside in the Tacoma area, so both dentists are just a short drive away from Defiance Dental Studio. They are committed to being your friendly Ruston dentists, as well as to offering North Tacoma and the surrounding communities excellent dental care. “We’re not going to discriminate against those outside our area though!” Dr. Sekhon says. “Anyone who walks through our door and wants to be a part of our practice will receive all of the same benefits and perks as our Ruston neighbors.”

Did we mention that we strive for the very best?

 In case we didn’t, we’ll reiterate it again with Dr. Sekhon’s own words. “It’s not about money to us. Of course, we need it to remain in business and pay for all the bills and put food on the table for our families, but we didn’t set up shop here to make boatloads of cash,” says Dr. Sekhon. “I was told by others when looking for a place to set up my dental practice, that it would be more lucrative to be an absentee owner and that I should hire a bunch of people to do the work, while I just sat in a room counting bills. No way. I didn’t become a dentist to be like that. I want to contribute and use the skills I learned in dental school and through my work to good use so that I can make a positive difference in the community I live in.”

Awesome Dental Service, No Sales Pitches

That being said, we will never pressure or give a sales pitch about any procedure in our office. Sure, if a patient needs a crown, a root canal, fillings, or an implant, we’ll provide the reasons why and show you how we can do it, but we will never sit there and try to be a used car salesman. No offense to car salesmen out there. “We want to provide exquisite dental care for our neighbors here in North Tacoma and Ruston, so I’m willing to invest in this town because I love it here,” says Dr. Sekhon. We won’t do any dental procedures that we feel uncomfortable about, even if it will make us significant profit. We offer a wide array of dental services, like Invisalign®, dental implants, root canals, Botox®, cosmetic smile makeovers, and teeth cleanings. We also have a wide network of specialists ready to help our patients when some issues are complicated and need a second set of eyes and additional expertise. Bottom line, we’ll make sure you get the very best dental care, no compromises, or nonsense. We also guarantee our work, when a patient commits to getting checkups regularly and taking good care of their own oral hygiene. If our work fails, we’ll either do it free of cost to fix it, pay for a specialist if the need arises, or refund you your money. “We’re serious about providing the best, and we’ll put our money where our mouth is, or where your mouth is, I think that’s more appropriate.”

We’re always here for you at Defiance Dental Studio. Come by and see for yourself how we can provide you with the best dental care, while hopefully making you laugh a little as well!